Thought that I would share my final project for one of my Spanish classes with all of you! My friend Danielle and I chose to do our investigation project on the micro system in Chile.

Micros are like public buses. Physically, they look more like short buses, but work the same way. You pay to get on, pick a seat, and hope you survive until your stop : )

If you want to get anywhere in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, you flag down a micro. There are bus stops, but they’re all relative. There are schedules, but you can pretty much throw those out the window, too. Sometimes, a vender will hop on during a taco (traffic jam) and set a coloring book or keychain on everyone’s lap. He talks a million miles a minute about his offer, why you need a new coloring book or keychain, and then collects all the ones he didn’t sell. Good marketing tactic, I think.

When you get to where you need to be, you say “Acá por favor,” and literally jump out the door. At first, the micro was so unorganized and frustrating compared to the city buses in Minneapolis. After living here for several months, you learn to embrace the chaos and love the speed!

P.S. It’s a long video, but be sure to check out the surprise we found on the micro at the end of the video!

Peace and love,