Let’s be honest, one of the greatest parts of studying abroad—especially while struggling with a language barrier—is public humiliation. I mean, you get to laugh at yourself, and after your face turns into a tomato, you have a great story to take away from the whole situation!

Yesterday at lunch Isabel asked me if I liked the meal that she made. I said, “Yes, I love everything that you make, you are the best cook!” My host parents are a couple of jokesters…so Jorge started teasing me about how I didn’t like his cooking. Now, it’s important to note that he made me eggs for dinner one night when Isabel was gone. Isabel says that’s the only thing he knows how to cook. Being the loving host daughter that I am, of course I responded sarcastically, saying “No, no…me gustan mucho tus huevos, Jorge.”

For those of you who speak Spanish, you know that there are two translations for this phrase.

1) “I like your eggs.”

2) “I like your balls.”

Oops, my bad. Needless to say, it made for a good laugh at the dinner table!