Hola from Olmué, Chile! After our nine hour flight, we finally landed in Santiago this morning at 8 am. Fortunately I slept like a baby on the plane. But, I am not sure where that expression comes from because (while I was zonked out) my fellow travelers said the 14 week old baby next to us fussed and cried most of the ride! So, thank you for the neck pillow Jess, I was very comfy!!

We walked out of the airport and into warm air and sunny skies. I am an obvious gringa (american) with my ghostly skin. After a couple hours on a bus, we arrived in Olmué for our orientation. We will have a lot of informational sessions for the next couple days, but I will leave out the boring stuff and cut to the goods! We walked around the plaza in the very small city and stopped by a few markets. In the evening our whole group learned Salsa from a Chilean dancer, lots of fun! The food is great, and they feed us A LOT. Missing and thinking of you all.

Besos, Sarah